Driving Leads in the Diet and Health Niche

marketing to the health and fitness niche

One of the most popular niches to go after in the world of affiliate marketing is diet, nutrition and health.  It can be a highly lucrative niche to enter because it is both evergreen and is busy year round.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular methods of driving traffic to sites in this highly competitive area.

Facebook Ads

While it’s not as easy as it used to be to drive high converting traffic to websites using Facebook, for those that know how to target their audience accurately this can still be a highly lucrative method.  It used to be as easy as creating a site and picking your offer.  Then you could spend $10-15 per day, sit back and watch the conversion roll in.

Now things have gotten MUCH more competitive.  And on top of that, Facebook users have become much more selective about what they will click on.  This means you need to do some deep diving into what your audience wants.

This can be done in a couple ways.

If you are starting from scratch you’re going to need to build your audience by finding look-alike businesses or pages from which to pull.  You can do this by using the Knowledge graph.  Once you’ve compiled a list of companies that are relevant, you can add them as “Interests” within the ad targeting section.

If you happen to have a list of existing customers you can add their email addresses into a custom audience and then allow Facebook to extrapolate them into a larger audience also called a “Lookalike” audience.

This insures that the audience that sees your ads will be more likely to actually purchase your products.

Traditional Search Engine Optimization

While SEO tends to be more of a long-term stratgey, it can still offer a great deal of traffic.  Many terms in the world of diet and exercise have search volumes in the hundreds of thousands per month.  This makes these terms very valuable.  It also makes them highly competitive.  Take the Military diet for instance.  Over 300,000 people search for this and related terms each month.

You’ll often see sites like Bodybuilding.com in spaces like this because of the massive size of their site.  But their content is often lacking.

By creating extremely high quality content that covers every aspect of a subject it is possible to outrank these types of sites.  This in-depth review of the military diet on A Manifested Life is a perfect example.

This review offers readers a full break down of the diet and whether or not it might work for them.  Not only is it comprehensive, but it offers a definitive opinion on whether or not people should even try this particular diet.

SEO of course takes a great deal of time to achieve.  Creating content is only part of the battle.  Outreach is another important aspect.

Once you’ve created the content you have to make sure it gets shared or linked to by other websites.  Without this important step, your content is likely to linger in obscurity on the web.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are also great ways of getting your content out there.  Some content works better on different mediums so it’s important to understand what people are looking for when they visit each one of these sites.

Pinterest is more visual as it revolves around images.  Facebook can be a great way to get a high number of shares and generate traffic, but it often takes reaching out to influencers in the space to get the attention of readers.

Whichever way you choose, it will most likely require a good deal of time networking with others to get consistent traffic from social media.  After all that’s what it’s all about.


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