How Landscaping Businesses can Leverage SEO within Their Marketing Plans

marketing advice for those in the landscaping businessStarting a small business forces you to wear many hats.  Sales, management, bookkeeper, and laborer are just a few.  One of the most important jobs of any budding entrepreneur though is that of marketer. If you can’t get your name out to all your potential customers you’ll be dead in the water in no time.

Obviously the internet is a great source of leads.  In fact some landscaping firms attract as much as 60% of their business from online leads.  So what can you do to make sure your site is collecting as many leads for your business as possible?

If you’re interested in even more than what we’ve listed below, be sure to check out these marketing tips for those starting a landscaping business.

Basics of Local SEO

Local search engine optimization refers to configuring your site in such a way that let’s search engines know exactly what kind of service you offer and what areas you serve.  This allows them to confidently display your business in the search engine results for your local area when potential customers search for services such as landscaping, lawn care, gutter cleaning, and irrigation systems.

There is a long list of items that search engines like Google like to see when they are sorting which local business to list prominently on their results page.  While there are some online tools to help you analyze your site, we’ve taken it a step farther so you can see exactly what you need to add to your site to make sure you’re getting all the traffic you deserve.

Nailing Down Your On-Site Information

Most internet marketers will tell you that everything comes down to links in terms of ranking your site above your competitors.  While this is still an important metric in rankings, insuring your on-site data is being properly handled and displayed is even more important.

It Starts With a Title

The title of every one of your site’s pages is crucial in letting search engines know what is contained within that page.  The title is around 70 characters in length.  In past years it was a simple as stuffing this field with as many keywords as possible to try to outrank other sites.  But search engines have become much more sophisticated these days and stuffing your title is a quick way to get a ranking penalty.

Let’s take a look at an example.  If you offer landscaping design services in the city of Dallas, TX you should have a title that looks something like the follwoing.

“Residential Landscaping Design Services Compay in Dallas TX”

This title includes your main keyword “landscaping design Dallas TX” as well as other terms that potential customers might search for such as “landscape architect Dallas TX” and “landscaping company Dallas TX”  This is important as you want your page to show up for as many search terms as possible.  Just remember that Google and other engines will only display up to 70 characters.

A Compelling Description

The description field shows up directly below your page title in the search results.  While Google has said that this field is no longer a strong ranking factor, if a phrase or word from the search is in your description it will be highlighted.

This field serves another purpose that is just as important: enhancing click-through-rate.  Your description should give your potential customer a good idea of the services you offer as well as a compelling reason to click on your site.  This might include something like 20% off your first lawn service or a free landscaping design consultation.

The Content

The content of your page should offer all of the relevant information a potential client needs to know about your business.  This includes clearly describing your services, professional pictures of your work, and bold calls to action.

A call action is something as simple as text that reads “Call today! XXX-XXX-XXXX”  Or “Call for your free consultation XXX-XXX-XXXX”

EVERY page on your site should contain your contact information.  It should be bold and easy to find.  Your phone number should be clickable so that people searching from a mobile phone can click to call.

Keyword Density

When creating your content it’s important to include all of the relevant services  you offer.  But that doesn’t mean you need to repeat yourself over and over again.  Rather than including the phrase “landscape design” over an over again, use synonyms.  You will be rewarded by showing up for a wider variety of searches.

Implementing these changes can cause your site to quickly jump to the top of the search engine results and get your phone ringing day in and day out.


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