Tributaries Offers Conversion Optimization and SEO for AV Dealers

SEO for home theater dealersTraditional audio video dealers have a great deal more on their plate than in years past.  The world of home electronics has come a long way from the days of simple surround sound systems.  Because their equipment interfaces with so many different systems in a home, today’s home technology integrators are required to have a working knowledge of various and vastly different equipment.  Keeping up with these changes can make it tough to keep up with all of the other necessities of running a small business.  This is especially true of maintaining and up to date and effective website.

Alternative Sources of Revenue

Most AV dealers spend a great deal of time and effort networking with contractors in the home industry.  This can range from architects, builders, and interior designers, to contractors such as HVAC and electrical.  These resources, along with customer referrals can literally make a business.  But one resource that often gets overlooked is their own website.  Every small business owner knows that they need a great looking website to tell their story and showcase their work.  But it can be much more than this.

A website that gets a steady stream of organic search traffic and effectively converts that traffic into leads is a huge asset.  The vast majority of customers (80%) look for businesses using search engines.  This means that if your site isn’t showing up on the first page of results you are missing out on a huge revenue opportunity.  But there’s even more.

Search Engines Lend Authority

Consumers have come to rely upon search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing as authorities on information.  When a business shows on the first page for a search there is an interesting phenomenon that takes place.  It’s very similar to a customer referral.  The results imply that Google is judging these particular businesses to be the best in their area for that customers particular needs.

The reality can be much different.  What is most likely taking place is that the websites that show up on the first page are the best optimized sites.  This obviously does not make them the best business.  Try as they might, search engines have not perfected the art of picking the best business for a consumers needs, just the one with the website that fits they’re template for the best search result.  So even a business with a terrible reputation can generate a great deal of business through this implied referral.

And the statistics don’t lie.  Websites in the top 3 positions get almost 90% of the traffic for any given search term.

Leveraging Your Site to Take Advantage

Tributaries specializes in helping AV dealers leverage their sites to capture this traffic.  This is a multi-step process.  The first step is to analyze the search traffic for your geographic area.  The next step is to optimize your site to target the most profitable traffic.  This often involves rewriting content to ensure that all the terms your customers are searching for are included in your site.  At this point it also makes sense to perform any redesigns on the site that may be necessary to ensure that traffic conversion rates are as high as possible.

From there off-site optimization is performed to ensure that search engines recognize your site as an authority in your industry.  This often includes getting links from other relevant websites, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and even videos from sources like Youtube.  These components build a trustworthy picture of your business that then translate into better rankings for your website.

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