The Best Quadcopter for Teenage Boys

X4 First Person View Quadcopter By Hubsan HobbyTeenage boys absolutely love any sort of radio controlled device.  And quadcopters are no exception.  So how do you go about choosing the best quadcopter for a teenage boy?  Here are a few of the factors you should consider when making your decision.

Power and Performance

Many remote controlled helicopters and quadcopters are far too powerful for anyone but an adult to fly.  They are capable of flying upwards of 40 miles per hour and at altitudes that might actually make them dangerous for regular aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters.  Flying these sorts of devices requires a certain level of responsibility.

So if you’re looking for a model for a young boy then you’ll want to go with one that has a more limited range.  There are tons of options from which to choose.  And there are plenty that still perform really well without being dangerous to the pilot and those around them.

Lightweight Models

Choosing a model that is lightweight and made from a durable plastic is important.  Durability is obviously important because it will need to be able to survive multiple crashes and still be able to fly.  Lightweight is key because it will help  insure it has a longer battery life.  It also makes it less dangerous if it runs into anything expensive like a car or a house.

Ease of Control

Since kids typically have a shorter attention span it’s a good idea to get a model that is easy to control.  Some quadcopters require hours and hours of practice before being able to fly them with a modicum of control.  Other units are well balanced and require very little input from the pilot to maintain a flat and steady flight path.  Be sure to read lot’s of reviews before making your purchase to see which models are the best.  For more information on selecting the best quadcopter go to The Drone Depot.  Here you’ll find reviews on popular models in all categories and price ranges.…

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon in Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon is experiencing a boom in income levels.  While the town was once considered a blue color port town, thus the name Portland, it has evolved into a hub of technology, environmental law, investment firms, and even Nike.  And with all this additional income, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons in the city.

So how do you go about finding the right plastic surgeon for your needs.  It all starts with experience.  When interviewing potential surgeons, you want to get a good look at their past work.  Any surgeon that is worth their salt should be willing to show you as many pictures of past patients as you wish to see.  This will help you find out if they are able to deliver superior results, even under challenging circumstances.

What does this mean exactly?  Say you are looking for a surgeon to perform a breast augmentation procedure.  Of course there are many reasons for wanting this particular procedure.  They could include recovering from a previous surgery such as breast removal because of cancer. Other reasons could include wanting a body that better aligns with your self image.  Whatever your motivation, you want to be sure that your surgeon is capable of delivering the results you desire.

Next you’ll want to assess their bedside manner.  Not all doctors are the same.  Some get along very well with their patients, while others can seem arrogant and condescending.  You want to be sure that you are completely comfortable around your doctor so that you are not afraid to ask tough questions when they come up.  If you are not comfortable with a particular individual then don’t hesitate to move on to the next one.  It’s your body and your health.  Take charge of it.  Your doctor is there to help you, but you must be comfortable.

Getting referrals from friends, family members, or acquaintances is a great way to find a good surgeon.  These folks should be able to tell you the good and the bad about their experience and whether or not they would recommend a particular surgeon.  In the end you will need to make your choice based on who you feel can best accomplish your goals.  For more information about surgeons in the Portland, Oregon area check out PDX Cosmetic Surgesons.

How To Decorate with Boho Chic without Breaking the Bank

Among the most popular styles of house decor in the past couple of years is bohemian chic or ‘boho chic’. And also while you could invest a large amount of hard earned money embellishing your home in this mingled design, there means to get the appearance you want without investing a ton of money.

Ways to Save Cash While Searching for Designs

Among the best methods to save hard earned money AND at the same time guarantee a cohesive style is to opt for someone which could hand produce all of pieces you intend to integrate into your house or room. When most people think about handmade products they think that this implies that they are much more expensive. This isn’t really always the situation. If you dig around on various internet sites that specialize in handcrafted one of a kind items you could locate some quite good offers, commonly.

If you are willing to acquire numerous things from these tiny producers they are likewise far more likely to offer you a mass price cut. This is something that you will certainly never obtain from a big chain store or chain.

One more advantage of choosing a small producer is that you could ask for a personalized shade palate that will certainly mach the remainder of your decoration precisely. While this isn’t always needed, specifically in bohemian room design, it can make suitable items in much easier.

Some Popular Decorating Styles

One of the most trendy strategies within the boho chic style is Shibori. The craftspersons uses ropes or rubber bands to tighten the textile just before plunging it into a dye bath to create appealing patterns. While Shibori materials were usually made utilizing indigo, any kind of shade will certainly do.

You can locate any kind of variety of Shibori cushions and materials at specialty sites like The Tangled Path. This website concentrates on bohemian home decor and their web address is It’s an excellent area to start searching for these sorts of products.

Supplements Can Greatly Enhance Your Muscle Gains

muslce building supplementsHave you been dealing with accumulating your muscles? You could not have been doing all you can to acquire those muscle mass where they require to be if you are like many people. Here are some simple ideas that help building muscular tissue. Usage them and you will certainly see outcomes.

Building muscular tissue is not a quick repair; it takes time prior to you begin seeing muscle development. If you are educating with the proper method and doing what you need to do, count on that the results will certainly come on time.

One typical blunder is to be a lot more concerned with the speed of your workout than the strategies you utilize. As opposed to attempting to squeeze in as numerous representatives as possible, concentrate instead on finishing your reps gradually and properly. Take your time, and ensure that you are performing the exercise appropriately.

Try to do less reps of heaver weights if you would certainly like to build additional muscle mass. You will certainly need to increase your weight slowly and aim to raise the heaviest that you potentially can for a minimum of five repeatings. When you could life for five reps, it is time to improve weights.

Research muscular tissue exercises to ensure you are participating in the most reliable physical exercises. Each set of muscles could be worked out in a different way, so do not presume that people dimension fits all. Assortment is the secret to development accomplishment as you exercise each of the muscle teams.

Always remember concerning life outside the fitness center. While muscle building is a wonderful objective with plenty of benefits, keep that in mind life takes place. Some who attempt to develop muscle seem to forget other tasks; make time for family members and buddies. Even much better, invite a few of them to the health club with you. A well-rounded life is a satisfied life, and you will feel a lot better about building muscle if the rest of your life is in area.

It is hard to drop weight and build muscle at the same time. You need to have a high-protein diet regimen to sustain your muscle development, however lower your fatty tissue intake at the same time. Eat foods that are higher in protein and low in refined and fat deposits carbohydrates to lower weight and gain muscle mass at the same time.  It can also help to take supplements.  The best muscle building supplements for men are not necessarily the same as those for women.

A specific supplement that has been shown to create very quick results is deer antler velvet.  What are the side effects of deer antler spray?  They are minimal and include headaches, nausea, and low blood sugar.  You can find more information on deer antler spray here.

You can make a decision at any time to actually begin constructing muscular tissue. If you make use of the tips from this post, you are visiting a good adjustment in your body. Work with building muscle mass and you will find that you like your physical body much more, which you feel healthier and stronger.  Efficient Gains is a great resource for more information on this topic.

Improve Your Business Exposure with SEO Expertise

One of the most effective ways to grow your business in this highly digital age is through search engine marketing.  No one uses the phone book anymore.  So if you want exposure to the millions of people that search the Internet each day you need to be in the top of the search engine results for your particular industry.  The best way to do this is to have an SEO expert optimize your site for the searches related to your particular business.

SEOs Can Help Drive Leads

search engine optimization expertRegardless of what business you are in, you can benefit from more exposure on the web.  And the only way people can find you unless they know your website is to look in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  It’s not enough to just have a website that is optimized for the terms people search in your industry.  Search engines want to see social networking metrics from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.  They want to see ownership from Google+.  All of this tied together can help drive your business to the top of the search engine results.

All of this may sound fairly simple, but tying it all together into a coherent strategy can be extremely difficult.  And let’s face it, unless you are an search engine optimization expert, you’ve got more effective ways to spend your time.

That’s why it’s crucial that you find an authority in this field that can help you drive more traffic to your website.  Not only will they get more traffic, they can help ensure that you capture more of this traffic as customers.

Organic vs. Pay Per Click

There are two ways to show up in the search engine results; paid and organic.  Organic searches receive nearly two to one clicks over paid ads.  This means that it is crucial that you rank your site organically.  This is about creating quality content and getting your name out.  An expert SEO can help you do just that.

One way to look at what you might be missing out on is to multiply your closing rate of new business times .34 of the local searches for a term.  So if one term gets 1000 searches per month roughly 34% of those people will click on the first website of the organic searches.  So then multiply 340 by your average job revenue and then multiply that by your closing rate.  You’ll quickly find that you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

A great place to start is by searching for SEO services on

How Do You Listen To Music?

I’ve been seriously listening to music since I was about 11 years old.  My first cassette tape was Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi.  Some friends of mine told me about the album, and within a couple days I had my very own copy.  I was in the fourth grade.

Obviously many things have changed in the years since.  Walk-man’s were all the rage then, then CD Walk-mans.  Then hard drive based music systems came along.  I had something called the ‘Keg’ from Kennwood in my car at one point.  All I had to do was upload all my music to this piece located in my trunk, and it allowed me to take all my music with me in my car.  This came not a moment too soon, as I was sick and tired of shuffling through CD cases looking for a CD in order to listen to a couple of tracks.

Fast Forward to Today

Jumping forward in time about 15 years, things have become infinitely easier where music is concerned.  iPod’s are the ubiquitous music player of choice.  But I’m not huge fan of the iPod.  I can’t stand having to put together playlists, and it’s incredibly annoying to have to shuffle through songs looking for something you want to hear.

I’ve started using a Sonos music system at home.  It allows me to connect to a whole host of music services including familiar names such as Rhapsody and Pandora.

Pandora in particular is my favorite.  It doesn’t get any easier than typing in the name of a song or artist, and having this remarkable service create a station based around that songs genre.  The controls allowing you to fine tune your station are easy to use, and amazingly accurate.

The Sonos System

Coming from a background in whole house audio and home theater, I can tell you from experience that there is no better system than the Sonos music system.  It absolutely rocks.  Controlled from an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or any other smart phone platform, this system makes listening to your favorite music an absolute breeze.

On top of that, it’s easy to set up.  While most home audio systems require speakers located all over the house, the Sonos system can operate without wires.  Each speaker has it’s own wireless receiver built in, allowing it to connect over a mesh network to other units in the house.

There area a few models available, and some do require speaker wires.  These are perfect for homes that already have speakers in the walls or ceilings.

Another nice feature is that you can quickly and easily set up music throughout your entire house.  So if you’re having a party, you can choose your Pandora station and have hours of music playing with no work required of you.

There’s really no better way to listen to music.

You can also listen to multiple sources at the same time in different rooms of the house.  If you’re in the exercise room working out and your wife is in the bedroom, you can both listen to different sources simultaneously.

Our CrossFit gym uses this exact same setup.  Through 3 different Sonos zones we can listen to 3 different things, or the same thing.  It’s a pretty slick system.  Those on the rings and pullup bars can jam to whatever they want while those on the Olympic lifts can listen to something else entirely.  They even have an outdoor zone, for when we’re outside the building.  Oddly enough you’ll even occasionally hear ads about the best training shoes for women.  All in all it’s a great system.

Survival Tips for the Great Outdoors

adirondacksNo matter how much you enjoy your job and the city, the human mind and body sometimes needs a break from all the hustle and bustle.  So even if you consider yourself a true city-dweller, it can sometimes be a good idea to get out into the woods.

While our minds and bodies have adapted amazingly well to the changes our world has undergone over the last 50 years, on the evolutionary timeline, this short amount of time is totally insignificant.  We are able to live in the fast-paced world of cities because of our unique ability to adapt.  But just because you’ve adapted doesn’t mean your thriving.

Every once in a while you need to take a break.  Get out.  Breath some fresh mountain air.  Enjoy silence for a change.

But before you go charging off into the wilderness, there are a few items you should consider taking with you.

Survival Tools

Even if you’re only going for a day-hike, having the basics of survival gear is a good idea.  You never know what you’re going to run into along the trail.  For this reason having a basic survival knife is a great idea.  Most people think of knives as some sort of weapon, and of course they can be.  But they are also immensely powerful tools.

Knives can be used to cut wood, light a fire, cut food, dig a fire pit and much much more.  It’s obviously not the kind of thing that’s going to help you in a bear attack, but it can help you cut down small tree to use as a makeshift crutch if you twist your ankle.

Keeping your knife sharp is also important.  For that reason, you should carry some sort of knife sharpener.  This is especially helpful if you’re in the woods for days at a time.  The best knife sharpening system is one that allows you to repair, sharpen, and hone a variety of blades.  One particular website that does a good job explaining this whole procedure is Make it Sharp!

Water Water Water

The human body can go for days and even weeks without food.  But it can only go 36-48 hours without water.  Water is essential to just about every function within our bodies.

Therefore, having clean water supply is a must.  There are any number of tablets you can add to water to make it drinkable.  There are also devices such as the Lifestraw that filter out microbes that are harmful, allowing you to drink directly from rivers and streams.

High Energy Food Source

For decades we’ve been taught that carbohydrates are the key to energy.  But as far as energy goes, fat contains twice as much as both carbohydrate and proteins.  For that reason, many outdoor enthusiasts are starting to turn to higher fat food sources when they are in the woods.

Saturated fats in particular (mostly from animal sources) are stable at even warmer temperatures.  While it may sound counter-intuitive, something like a paleo cookie can be a great fuel source when backpacking.  Check out for a wide selection of nut butter cookies that are perfect for a trip into the wilderness.  Low in carbs and high in natural fats, they’ll satiate your hunger, and give you long lasting energy.

While these tools are probably not necessary for a hike through Central Park, if you’re heading out into the woods they can be extremely handy, and maybe even save your life.  Yes, even the cookies! :-)